Why I love taking people to Israel

I can come up with a lot of answers to this question I received recently, but to put it simply: its discipleship. If you’ve heard of MERGE at Mobberly, you’ll recognize this sequence: Discovery, Ownership and Leadership. Discipling others includes each of these steps. For followers of Jesus Christ, discovering new facets of the Christian life is almost a common occurrence through reading His Word, trusting His leadership, gleaning from others in the faith and experiencing His grace in the surprises and challenges we face. There is no better way to make these discoveries than while walking and worshipping in the footsteps of Jesus.

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Resources on the End Times

  • Why do you think Jesus decided to leave the world for a time and then return, rather than staying on earth after His resurrection and preaching the gospel throughout the whole world, Himself?
  • Do you eagerly long for Christ’s return?
  • Do you ever think about the day you stand before Jesus and He will judge your works?
  • Have you ever decided not to tackle a long-term project because you believe Christ’s return is near?
  • Is Hell a literal fire?
  • Is Heaven just a really long church service?

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Schedule Changes & Upcoming at Mobberly

Church family,

Angie and I had an incredible week in Washington DC, as we met with other pastors and their wives from all over the nation. I am filled with excitement to be back in the pulpit this Sunday to continue our series The End is Near. You do not want to miss this exciting series.

Pastor’s Forum on the End Times: Wednesday, May 2, 6 p.m., The Crossing

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Luck – When Preparedness Meets Opportunity

I never prepay for gas, but this time I did. Ironically, I was wrong at guessing how much gas could fit into my tank. When my tank was full and I still had $4 left of gasoline to use, I mumbled under my breath, “Ok Lord, what am I going to do with $4 of free gas?” As I turned, I saw an unsightly 30 year old man carrying a small gas can approaching me.

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Prayer & Fasting

Fasting can appear to be a daunting task, but when combined with prayer and devotion to God, the rewards are endless. Fasting reveals our need of and reliance on God, while also strengthening our faith and trust in who He is. A fast can be difficult, but so often these difficulties are revealed during the process in the form of questions that one may never consider until the fast has begun.  My hope is to help alleviate some of those questions and concerns, but also to equip you for the task.

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