What is it like to be a hero?


To walk in the room and hear your 2 boys immediately drop the toys in their hands or cease speaking the words they were saying to all of a sudden hearing their exuberant shouts of joy and watching the race of who can get to daddy first – that’s what being a hero feels like to me. The weight of such a yoke is not taken lightly, but seriously relished!Our comprehension of spending time on our knees talking to the Lord or time spent soaking up the pages of His Word may sound more like “routine” or even “mundane” practices to many Christ-followers, but to this young dad, I’m beginning to grasp that those daily times when I focus on talking to Him or listening to Him are the very sources of “living the life of a hero” that my Abba Father is sensing. Certainly, His yoke is heavy and not taken lightly, but seriously relished!Please pray that our boys will see our Abba Father when they see Angie and I.

Pastor Glynn 


Everyone's Got a Story

“Everyone’s got a story”What a great time to be alive! Everyone has a personal story, and finally, we live in a day where there is an outlet to share it. I see this as the greatest day for evangelism since the 1st Century. The wonderful life-changing message of Jesus is best communicated from one person to the next. While the basic roots of our current postmodern society prides itself on “experiential truth”, what better permission could be granted and what better attention could be gained from a watching world but for Christians to begin sharing their own experiences of Christ living in us! The greatest sin for the church and for me today would be to commit the sin of silence. May each of us be “active in sharing our faith so that we will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ” (Philemon 6).With the vehicle of blogs comes both good and bad. But with every new innovation comes good and bad. So to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” let’s read each other’s stories and browse each others’ blogs, but most importantly, tell our own stories of Jesus and His love! Pastor Glynn