Mission vs. Missions

The increase in the number of recent natural disasters and humanity crises reminds me of the danger of our day, the issues at stake, and the fragile nature of life. Life is not a necessity; death is a necessity. Life is a prolonged miracle, and every day that God gives us is a gift from Him. It must be handled with care as we respond to God and seek to be what He would have us to be.

As we embark on our month-long emphasis called Go: Missions, let me share the difference between mission and missions. Mission is God’s purpose for the world. Mission is what God is about. Mission is the heart of God that does not desire that any person should perish but that all should come to repentance. Mission is what God was about when He sent Jesus Christ in the incarnation into this world as the Savior of the world to die on the cross. That was God’s mission.

The purpose of God’s invasion of history in the person of Jesus was that people might know of the grace of God, the love of God, and the offer of forgiveness and salvation that is so desperately needed by every person. Missions can be any activity that facilitates that message being delivered to others who have not received or submitted to Jesus yet.

God’s mission is unchanging; our role in missions is ever-changing until God concludes history or the Lord comes back, at which time His mission will be fulfilled (Matthew 24:14).

One way you can actively participate in God’s Mission right now is through giving online to our World Missions Offering. Consider making your gift to missions the greatest gift you give this Christmas.


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