Unstoppable Momentum

Momentum becomes unstoppable when you lead others to walk with God. Every person has influence in someone else’s life – a parent with a child, an older sibling with a younger one, a husband with a wife and vice versa, a grandparent with a grandchild. Teachers, coaches, ministers, supervisors, managers, on and on it goes because everyone influences so many other lives. Is everyone a leader? The difference between influence and leadership is responsibility.

influ + resp = lead

As followers of Jesus we are all called to use our influence, however great or small, for the Lord with everyone we know. We are all called to lead people! But to do this requires that we must each own the responsibility for it. Mobberly is a church full of people leaders. We are people leading people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the next few weeks be asking the Lord this simple question, “What kind of Leader have you designed me to become?”

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