A river is easier to channel than to stop. Momentum is the sense that things are changing for the better, things are moving in a positive direction, we are picking up steam, gaining ground, making progress, moving forward.

Throughout the Bible, water often represents an opportunity to join God where He is working. An opportunity to step into the flow of His Spirit and gain momentum spiritually. When it comes to God’s activity, I desperately want to get in the flow, stay in the flow, and bring others into the flow of His supernatural activity.

Think of it like going down a river. When you’re floating on an inner tube, you have plenty of time to lean back, relax, and take in all the views. The water does all the work. Wherever the water moves, you will too. The discoveries you make along the way are memories that last a lifetime.

When you ride a kayak down the river, much more intentionality is required, but the effort you use while paddling helps you navigate with greater precision instead of merely meandering downstream as a victim of the river’s momentum. Staying in the crest of the current is not easy but it is worth it.

Finally, when you ride the river in a raft, you expand the enjoyment of the experience by bringing others along with you — especially helpful, when you face sudden drop-offs, submerged boulders, and surprising waterfalls.

This Sunday, I’m starting a new series through many of these stories in the Bible. Over the next few weeks we will be discovering new truths, owning new experiences and embracing new responsibilities of leadership. You don’t have to bring a tube, kayak, or raft. Just bring your Bible and begin praying now for the Lord to use this powerful series in your life!


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