Resources on the End Times

  • Why do you think Jesus decided to leave the world for a time and then return, rather than staying on earth after His resurrection and preaching the gospel throughout the whole world, Himself?
  • Do you eagerly long for Christ’s return?
  • Do you ever think about the day you stand before Jesus and He will judge your works?
  • Have you ever decided not to tackle a long-term project because you believe Christ’s return is near?
  • Is Hell a literal fire?
  • Is Heaven just a really long church service?

These and many more questions about the end times are on the forefront of our minds in this study, The End is Near. While I certainly am no expert on eschatology (the study of the doctrine of end times), I do trust that Jesus is coming again, and we had better be ready and we need to be helping as many people as we can to be ready too! Or to put it more succinctly, let’s decrease the population of Hell while increasing the population of Heaven.

You can watch or share the video of these sermons,

What in the World is Going On? (Matthew 24:3-14). Examines how spiritual deception, international conflicts, the economy, the Middle East, natural disasters and even persecution all fits into God’s plan for the end.

Is This the Terminal Generation? (Matthew 24:36-44). Addresses question about all the people who have not yet heard about Jesus and is there enough time for everyone to hear.

When is Jesus Coming Back? (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). Discussing the Rapture, 2nd Coming, Tribulation, and Millennial Reign – what is the sequence of all these events? How sure can we be?

Is Hell Real? (Matthew 13:36-42). If you’ve ever asked or heard the question, “How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?” then you need to watch this message.

What is Heaven Like? (Revelation 21). When people tend to get more teaching on heaven from good intended friends at a funeral service than from the faithful and true word of God, this message on Heaven is indispensable.

There is a reason we have more questions than answers when we consider the end times. I believe God wants us to have the knowledge we need to know Him and make Him known. As you study the end times, remember the opening words of God to John in Revelation, “Blessed is the person who reads these words… hears these words,… and keeps these words.” (Rev 3:10). God’s Word certainly, must be our primary source for all things prophetic. The Lord also allows us to glean from the wisdom of others and their insights on His Word and current events that daily seem to be fulfilling the pages of scripture.

Below is a list of such sources:

David Jeremiah-
Four Things Every Christian Should Know About the Rapture and End Times

What Signs Indicate the End Times are Near?

Series of Revelation Sermons

Desiring God: Eschatology

Articles from Desiring God on End Times topics

Books on End Times/Eschatology


If you’d like to study the book of Revelation more in-depth, please refer to the audio downloads of the teaching series I did on the book of Revelation.

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