Bible Reading Plans – Guest Writer, Paul Coleman

The single most significant element you can add to your life is seeking to understand the Bible. This starts with actually reading it for yourself daily. As you read it, you are confronted with questions: who wrote this, why did they write it, who did they write it to, what was happening in the lives of the people they were writing to, what did it mean to the first readers and how can I apply these truths to my life? As you discover the answers to these questions, God uses His living and active Word to change you. Your mind begins to change, you start thinking about everything around you from God’s perspective and then your heart changes as you begin to value what God values. And once your mind and heart are changing, then those who know you will notice that your life actually begins to look very different than before. This is the effect that seeking to understand the Bible can have on you this year!

Will you seek to understand the Bible this Year? Here are some plans to help you read the entire Bible:

Visit to learn more about:

  1. 90 Day Plan – Read the Bible in 90 days by reading for 30 minutes a day
  2. 1 Year Plan – Read the Bible over the course of 365 days
  3. 3-Year Plan – Read the Bible over the course of 3 years
  4. Chronological Plan – Read the Bible in one year in the order that the events happened

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