The Heart of a True Worshipper

It may not be an exaggeration to say that most people know God today for what He does for them, rather than for who He is. That was the basic difference between Israel’s knowledge of God and Moses’ knowledge of Him. Israel knew God’s acts, but Moses knew God’s ways. We must learn to love Him for Who He is not just for what He does for us.

The Franciscan monk Brother Lawrence, was one who had an intense love for God. He deeply desired to serve God without any reward for himself. One day he expressed the wish that he could do just one thing for God in such a way that God would not know he had done it. So deep was his love that he wanted to do something for God which he would not be rewarded or blessed in return.

What a contrast this attitude is to the prevailing attitude of today. How many would be in a church if they were not offered all the free benefits that come with membership? What if getting to know God was all the benefit there was to belonging to a church? Would that be enough for us?

On his deathbed, Brother Lawrence woke from a coma and startled those who were attending him by saying, “I am not dying!” His friends and fellow monks asked him, “Then what are you doing, Brother Lawrence?” he replied, “I am doing what I have been doing all my life. I am worshipping the God I love.”

Our capacity to understand God may be limited, because we now can only see through a glass darkly. Nevertheless, we can still see!

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