Opposite Day

An old Seinfeld episode made us laugh when George behaved as if it was opposite day. What he was accustomed to doing, he would do the exact opposite on that day. I wonder how opposite the church has become today from what God established the church to be.

Jesus actually cares for the people many churches repel. The Bible states that sinners and youth liked to hang out with Jesus. Now think about who did not enjoy His company? Who hated Him? Who couldn’t stand to be around Him? As hard as it is for church people to grasp, the fact is, the more religious the person, the more he hated Jesus and everything He stood for.

Youth and sinners liked Him, religious people hated Him. How opposite it is today. Who is repelled by church? Who gets dragged to church against their will? Who finds church painfully boring and irrelevant? You guessed it: sinners and young people.

On the other hand, who loves church activity? Endless church meetings? Christian TV?  Right again, religious people. Isn’t it strange that religious people hated Jesus, but 2000 years later, they love church? And, originally youth and sinners were attracted to Jesus, but today they are repelled by church? If we are to regain our relevance in the 21st century, we must learn to reach youth and we must be friends of sinners. In other words, Christians must once again become like Jesus.

Both demographics will present challenges to an established way of thinking. To reach sinners and Millennials or Generation Z necessitates that we don’t gasp at actions or gripe about attire. Todays’ culture needs converting not conforming.

God orchestrates our lives to intersect with people every day. While these people may be different from us, there greatest difference is in the fact that they do not know Jesus Christ in a personal way. Our greatest challenge is communicating a complex message in a relevant and understandable vehicle. Albeit, some people will believe what you say, but everyone believes what you do. Does your life give credence or does it discredit the message you are sharing?


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