Before the Sun Comes Up

coffee_bible2“…Rising up early…He went out to a quiet place…to pray.” Mark 1:35

In a recent sermon I stated that we should start our mornings on our face and not on Facebook. It really comes down to priorities. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to end up making another resolution that will more than likely fizzle out. Start today. Get alone with the Lord every day. My favorite time with the Lord is before the sun comes up (of course, that’s easier now that time has changed). But early mornings have less distractions, and we know that’s when Jesus chose to seek the Father too.

If daily quiet times are the greatest single thing we can do to experience a Spirit-filled life, why do so many Christians neglect to have them? I believe one of the biggest reasons is guilt. All of us have heard sermons and lectures about the importance of daily quiet times, and we get all fired up about faithfully reading the Bible and praying. For a couple of days or weeks all is well, but our old enemy, busyness, comes along and we miss a day or two. All of a sudden we feel guilty, like we’ve broken our pledge to the Lord. Now, rather than have quiet times with the Lord, we want to run away from Him so we don’t have to face our failure.

Let me tell you something, the Lord Jesus Christ loves you, and if you are in Christ, there is not a thing on this earth that you can do to stop Him from loving you. He loves you perfectly, and that does not change. It cannot change! So lay aside those guilty thoughts and come back to Him today. Know that His foremost thought is not anger or irritation, but a loving longing for His child. Build in clauses to your commitment to the Lord so that if you miss a day or two of disciplined quiet time, it’s okay. At those times just say to the Lord, “Lord, I’m sorry I missed you, but I’m back!” He understands, and He is always delighted to meet with you again. Whatever the circumstance, don’t let Satan be your master by harassing you with false guilt. You are God’s child, and all you need to do is get back up and run into His arms.

“What is the ONE thing you could build into your life that would make you more successful?” A daily quiet time.

Why don’t you put first things first today? And then get ready to experience the joy of the Lord and His life for you like never before!

Pastor Glynn

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