Prayer for Revival


God promises that He will hear the cry of a humbled people (2 Chronicles 7:14). Mobberly has hundreds of humble warriors crying out to God for a fresh move of God in our church and revival in our land. I’m calling on us all to join together in prayer tonight in The Crossing from 6-7 p.m.

With the Engage10K commitment day behind us and the presidential election before us, we desperately need a fresh move of God! East Texas needs Jesus! I’ve never seen our country as divided as it is today. We all know that God sends revival through His church. Let’s plans to pray as the family of Mobberly for the future of our nation, for the healing of our land, for revival in the church and transformation in East Texas.

Across America during the Second Great Awakening, hundreds of thousands of people turned to Jesus for salvation. For example, during one week of revival in Boston, 50,000 people came to saving faith in Christ. The growing influence of the church transformed the very fabric of society in America. Oh, that God would blow revival through our land once again. Let’s be ready, Church!

Pastor Glynn

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