Family Time & Fasting

img_7503It’s so tempting to erroneously refer to watching tv as “family time” and yet it makes for a pitiful substitute of true togetherness. As easy as it is to walk outside and find something fun to do with each other, I wonder why more families don’t do it. The other day our family chose the opportune moment to leave dirty dishes in the sink and the TV off to step outside and enjoy quality time together. As I ponder that memory making moment, I have to be honest – the dishes needed to be done and the TV would’ve been an easy way to pass the time, but I’m so thankful we chose better.

Our church is in the early days of a 40 day prayer and fasting journey together. (Click here to learn more and join in!!) The desire we all share is the greater satisfaction of spending time with God at the expense of setting other things aside. Each person is fasting from something unique – some things are important tasks while others are impervious and trivial. Either way, we’re choosing less of anything to get more of God. — It’s worth it!!

Two of our sons have chosen to fast from their Kindles. The time gained is not huge because the time limits we already impose are significant. Nonetheless, the lessons being learned are unforgettable. Our youngest son loves butter. Independently, he courageously chose to fast from butter. The boldness of their choices is already producing a hunger for God that far outweighs the momentary fulfillment of technology or treats.

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