Who's to Blame?

Certainly, there is no shortage of outspoken opponents regarding the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow the inclusion of homosexual boys (although not homosexual leaders). And as a man who has 3 boys, I am more than concerned. And as an armchair quarterback, it certainly seems logical that it is only a matter of time when that decision to include homosexual leaders will be be nothing more than a forgone conclusion, as boys do become men. (Albeit, that is an entirely different discussion in and of itself).

The impetus for this post, however, is a question that begs to be addressed only from a vantage point of 30,000 feet up. “Who is to blame?” Is it the slippery slope of an increasingly tolerant society? Is it poor parenting? Is it lethargic leadership? Is it the reluctant reach of the local church? As our world moves further away from the Godly values that our nation was founded on, we must seize this obvious abandonment as a time to re-evaluate.

First of all, the solution will be found in parenting more than in programming. Whether in the church or through a para-church organization, I am thankful for programs that lead boys and girls into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ, but, at no point do I expect a programmatic solution to a philosophical stymie. For example, a ministry in many Southern Baptist churches called Royal Ambassadors has been a long-standing program to provide mission education to boys. While even it has expanded its role over the decades, the central purpose was not – nor should it be – to provide an alternative to scouts. I do however, see the incredible need to allow boys (and girls) to be discipled in a way that as they face life’s choices and challenges, they will be able to make solid decisions based on the truth of God’s Word.

Secondly, no organization functions apart from the “policy-holders” which hold it together. Therefore, if the parents and interested parties which comprise the Boy Scouts of America do not hold the leadership to the value implementation which they expect, no other voice or collection of voices will garner an audience.

Ultimately, a return to biblical values – the kind of which empowers men to raise boys who become men – will only be the result of revival in the church. Satan’s timeless task of attacking the family is a direct assault on God’s kingdom rule. In Dr. Tony Evans’ Kingdom Man he has poignantly stated: “Whoever owns the family owns the future.” As to the real problem with “allowing homosexual boys” into the Boy Scouts of America, the subtleties at play are simply masqueraded maladies of the family as God originally designed it. Dr. Evans goes on to pen these words: “The problem is not entirely a problem of homosexuality. In redefining the family, Satan is attempting to set up a rival kingdom that undermines God’s purpose for the home. In warping the view of manhood, Satan is doing the same thing he tried to do when he sought to have all of the baby boys killed when Jesus was born. By getting rid of the men when they were boys, he attempted to kill the future.” As God’s Kingdom Men courageously stand up for God’s kingdom, may He send revival through their hearts, homes, and halls of our churches, schools and countries! Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them.

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