Children are a Treasure!

We clearly do not treasure our children anymore. Solomon said our children are a heritage from the Lord (Psalm 127). Yet our society demonstrates that our lethargy for young lives has become lethal.
Personally, I deplore Russia’s ban on international adoption. Children need moms and dads, not institutions. We must pray for a change of heart for Putin. However, our disdain for children is not just an international ethic. The current debate in America over possibly removing the adoption tax credit is only 2nd to the debate over the current fight concerning our right to bear arms.
The terrible tragedy of Newtown, Ct is just one piece to a bigger puzzle concerning the status of our children in America. America continues to encourage, with pre-meditated intention, the destruction of thousands of children through abortion clinics.
For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood affiliates one hundred forty-five abortions. In 2011, Planned Parenthood provided one abortion every ninety-four seconds.
In a season of rampant abortion we now are seeing our democracy morph into a dictatorship before our eyes with complete unrestraint. The required provision of the morning-after pill in Obama-care reveals that the greatest killer of children today is a decreased sense of value concerning children. We must rally around the protection of our unborn children with the same intensity as we do concerning those who are the victims of tragic shootings.
We see two reactions in our society concerning the deaths of our children. One is with compassion when those children are the victims of horrific crimes, and the second is with aloofness as though unborn children have no potential value. Does America value its children? No. We as the church must seek to redefine the American view of children. To look away now may cost us more than we can afford. It may cost us the futures of our own sons & daughters.

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