What is the Difference between an inheritance and a possession?

As our church recently voted to purchase an additional 87 acres connecting to our existing property, my mind reflects back to Joshua and the Promised Land.
Joshua 11:23 says: “So Joshua took the entire land, in keeping with all that the LORD had told Moses. Joshua then gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to their tribal allotments. After this, the land had rest from war.” But Joshua 13:1 says: “Joshua was now old, advanced in years, and the LORD said to him, “You have become old, advanced in years, but a great deal of the land remains to be possessed.”

There seems on the surface to be a contradiction here, but there is none. The contrast here is between an inheritance and a possession. The land of Canaan was their inheritance but they had to claim it by faith. The same thing is true in our lives today, we have untold riches in Christ but we must claim them. All of God’s economy works this way, there are two sides to everything.

There is a reality gap in the church today just as there was in Israel. The Bible says “we are seated in the heavenlies”, “more than conquerors”, “free from worry”, but in most cases Christians don’t appear to reflect that at all. The reason is, they have not appropriated their inheritance in Christ. We must conquer the land by obedience and appropriation. You cannot receive your inheritance through your own strength, it must be in the strength of Christ. You must learn the meaning of Christian rest (Zech 4:6). It means we cease to try to do what only God can do and we submit ourselves to Christ and His power. It is a far cry from most activity most of us engage in daily.

3 thoughts on “What is the Difference between an inheritance and a possession?

  1. When we accept Christ, we trust through faith eternal life.
    Eternal life with Christ is the most precious gift, it is priceless to us yet was costly to Christ.

    If we trust him for eternal life, why it is so difficult to trust Jesus with everything He has provided for us day after day? Lord help us walk by faith every minute
    everyday until you return.


  2. As a wife, mama, caseworker, teacher, writer….I spend a lot of time counting the hours in the day and wondering how I will do it all. I spend just as much time reminding myself that there is no way that I can do it. It has nothing to do with me. God has allowed me to have a full and beautiful life. The balance comes only from Him. He doesn’t just give me endurance to complete a check list, but to enjoy and to be fully present in each role of my life.


  3. Pastor Glynn, I too grew up in these woods.Yes, we truly have some spectacular sunsets.And some very beautiful sunrises here in the Piney Woods of East Texas.I believe this to be one of America’s best kept secrets.But only Jehovah’s vision and blueprint can top off anything we can dream,imagine or phathom.Let’s keep on keep’n on with the dreams ,ideas,plans and hopes.They are inspired by or creater. We are His artist,workers,connection and conduit to His world.So keep hoping and praying. He is always up to something bigger than we can do on our own. Kimberly Saul


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