Luck – when preparedness meets opportunity

A flat tire on the way to church provides two chances to witness. A job promotion turns into ministry potential. A non-elective surgery brings estranged family members together. Louie Giglio has said, “God is always at work for His glory and for our good.” That’s a Romans 8:28 perspective for sure!

As Christians, it is easy to say there is no such thing as luck, but to actually believe that God is intricately involved in the details of our lives – that’s the litmus test. This type of faith is not so easy. I know that God is always at work. In fact as I was reading the opening lines of Joshua, I was already contemplating this truth. The complexity of that truth was not on my mind, however. Not only is God always at work, but God is always using today, to prepare us for tomorrow. As you know from the book of Joshua, Moses was a servant to God. Joshua was a servant to Moses. You could say, that before you get into leadership you must be tested with followship. Some of us do not know how to follow so we cannot lead. Wherever Moses was, Joshua was right along with him. God prepared Moses for his purpose. Remember he was on the Nile River in a basket and ended up in Pharaoh’s palace. He was raised in royalty but was tending sheep when God called him. Moses knew what it was to be rejected when he was put in the basket. From rejection he went to royalty. He had to be raised in the palace because he had to go to Pharaoh and speak his language. Every event in your life is preparing you for a greater purpose. Moses had the spirit of a possessor and that same anointing was on Joshua. God made a divine deposit on Moses so he would be a possessor. If you follow someone who is going nowhere you will go nowhere.

Preparation is an act of faith. If we really believe God is going to do something, we get ready for it. God gives what we are prepared to receive. While it is God who gives the reward, remember, that it is also God who gives the preparation. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Being prepared to obey God’s voice is the evidence of our faith. No need to wait for the roll of the dice; be ready for action now!

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