Are Your Feet Stuck In The Wrong Cement?

Years ago William Willimon juxtaposed biblically correct Christians with politically correct Christians in an article entitled “Today’s Conservatives Sound Like Yesterday’s Liberals.” Essentially, what he said and what remains to be true in many churches is that when Bible-believing followers of Christ abandon biblical preaching and biblical living, grey washes away any lines of distinction. Whatever happened to “power in the Blood”? or “though our sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow”? Just recently I was privileged to preach in a predominantly African-American church. One song the choir gregariously sang repeated the phrase “the blood still works!” Amen and Amen!

Whether I’m preaching a topical series like “Elephant in the Room” (which I just finished preaching at Mobberly) or an in-depth exploration of Colossians (that I am currently preaching), God’s Word is the only anchor which provides our consistent and secure foundation. And for many of our children, this subject has become clouded through the influence of liberal media. Regardless of cultural pressure, parents still remain the greatest influencers of their children’s worldview. This is why MERGE: Combining the Influence of Church and Home is so critical to raising up the next generation of spiritual leaders. For more info check out www.mobberly.merge  (especially MERGE Parenting Conference on August 12).

There is too much at stake and eternity is too close for preachers to spend time to take their homiletical cues from pop psychology or “felt needs.” I’d rather be biblically correct and politically incorrect. As we tackle the excruciating demands of the Bible (every word of God from Genesis through Revelation) we have the advantage of holding the entire counsel of God’s Word in our hands and the weight of extending it just like Jesus did – saturated in a blood-stained, love-compelled fashion.

Even if we pay lip service to the divine inspiration and truthfulness of Scripture, will we place our lives under the authority of the Word of God? For example, when I was growing up, many Baptist churches had something called a “Church Covenant” either posted at the front of the sanctuary or printed in the hymnal. This Church Covenant summarized the biblical commitments required for meaningful church membership, including: tithing, personal evangelism, and even church discipline. When we stand on Scripture, we must understand our heart and soul is cemented in the unmovable convictions of Scripture which ironically then actually moves our feet and hands into action. We must be doers of the Word not just hearers only!

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