Americans Joining Hands To Defend Christmas

Drivers in New York are caught in a traffic billboard feud. According to the Associated Press, “First, an anti-Christmas billboard was set up by the American Atheists outside a New Jersey entrance to the tunnel. Now, the Catholic League has countered by putting up its own billboard near one of the tunnel’s New York City entrances. The atheist billboard says, ‘You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason!’ The Catholic billboard counters: ‘You know it’s real. This season, celebrate Jesus’.”

In recent years our nation has been plagued by a series of politically-correct decrees that are designed to create a sanitized public square, creating what are essentially religion-free zones.  In such a Scrooge-infested environment, even the word “Christmas” is deemed to be far too distasteful at our nation’s capitol.

There is much work to be done to safeguard Christmas. But, thankfully, there is some good news on the horizon. While many retailers — including Kmart, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart — have abolished use of the term “Christmas” at many of their stores, The American Family Association (AFA) reports that following thousands of comments from customers, Lowe’s now advertises “Christmas trees” instead of the previous “holiday trees.” Walgreens, in recent years, has also recanted their former ban on the using the word “Christmas” in their stores.

It may sound like an insignificant victory, but it is an important one. There’s simply no need to ban “Christmas” in America.  If retailers determine that Christmas isn’t for them, then they can expect to lose the support of many Americans. If retailers comprehend that multitudes of shoppers are shunning them because they have disallowed the word “Christmas,” that strategy will quickly fade.

It’s time we join together and protect Christmas from the secular Grinches who want to stifle its celebration in public venues throughout our nation. We can easily win this battle if we all join together. The motivation is bigger than winning a fight, the Christ of Christmas WILL ultimately win the fight, and we want to bring as many people as we can to Him.

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