God is in the NOW

Last Friday, I had a near fatal encounter with flying hubcaps. I was the lone passenger in the front seat of an Israeli taxi cab. I was about half asleep though we were doing about 80 mph traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. In a split second, the trailer we were following lost its load of old hub caps. My driver dodged them incredibly well (although I felt like I was in the middle of a live video game). We came to a complete stop on the shoulder along with several other cars. Strangely enough, it was at that moment I felt very much alive! My entire being was full of sweet gratitude and awareness of God’s presence and protection. Unexpectedly, I was ushered into the sacredness of the present moment, only to discover something life-changing – God was already there – IN that moment! I truly discovered the reality of the old adage “God is closer than you think.” What it meant to me was that God was in that moment too! God is available in this moment too! Close calls are one thing, but that close call revelation for me was not a moment that I’m accustomed to because all too often, my life is spent with preoccupation or balancing past disappointments with future concerns. In my weekly routine, there’s just not room for – much less a readiness for – new discoveries or fresh insights. I’m learning to move from trusting Jesus’ sufficiency to realizing Jesus’ sufficiency. He said it so perfectly: “I AM.”

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