God’s Promises are God’s Prods

When God speaks, it is always important. Every word He has given us is purposeful. God’s commandments are still God’s enablements. When God makes a demand of me, He will always enables me. When God makes a demand of me, God gives a supernatural supply to meet that demand. It is easy to loose strength when you are on your own strength. When God gives you a promise, it is not just a promise to linger over and cling to, it is really a promise to respond to. Promises are to obey!

In describing the promises of empowerment that God gave to Joshua, Charles Spurgeon said: “Joshua was not to use his promise as a couch upon which indolence might luxerate, but a girdle to gird up his loins for future activity.” (A Girdle was to function like a tie for which to tie up that gown which flows so you can run.) The author of Hebrews has said: “Faith without works is dead.”

God’s promises are prods not pillows. We should never end our time in Scripture or in prayer with a sentiment of emotional cuddliness. God does not encourage us to make us feel warm but rather to make us feel motivated. God’s word should make us feel urgent not relaxed. The only way we can “take courage” like Joshua for “taking the land” and living victorious lives is to actually trust God at His word by acting on His word.

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