Bring Them With You

            The responsibility to lead thousands is nothing compared to the weight of leading 3 little boys. Being a pastor for me, doesn’t rob me of the privilege of being “daddy.” I don’t deserve their unconditional love for me but in this day where the paucity of such love is more norm than the presence of such love, I do understand the rarity of it. So with personal conviction and unceasing excitement, I am driven to fully live out Deuteronomy 6 in my home.

            As a church, we are coming up on the embarkation of a seismic shift this fall. The Lord has brought me to a clear understanding of this patriarchal passage. I will begin a series on the strategic segments of one’s spiritual journey in light of the context of biblical family. This 6 week series, beginning October 24, will be more than good information that becomes forgotten information. Over the following months, our staff and ministries will begin rolling out tremendous alterations in their ministries to align with this biblical mandate to put evangelism and discipleship back in its rightful place – the home! We will equip parents and grandparents; we will encourage marriages; we will empower children and students; and we will wait on God to energize the home and the church with renewed synergy.

            Knowing this is where God is taking us, I have become very aware of the impact in my own life and family. While we already enjoy our family weekly worship time, and daily prayer times, we are diligently looking for opportunities to talk about God “when we arise, sit, and walk.” Last week, Mobberly celebrated a groundbreaking on our new 54,000 sq ft education building for kids and adults called, The Bridge. It was special to hear the testimony of charter members; it was powerful to hear Dr. Johnson’s prayer; it was moving to see almost 500 people applaud; but it was unforgettable for me to experience the birth of this ministry project with one of my sons in tow.

              I am grateful and humbled that God brings us along with Him. No other world religion has the privilege or the permission to address their god as “Abba.” We are blessed to know the love of our unconditional Father and the opportunity to share that love.


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