If things that matter, really matter…

If things that matter, really matter…

…then my life must impact all the people in my sphere of influence every day for the glory of God and the advance of Christ’s kingdom among all the peoples of the world. What I do today directly influences multiple generations. What matters most then, must be my own desperation for the daily filling of God’s Spirit, my reliance upon the power of Christ, my hunger for God’s Word, and my readiness to obey. Every year, I have the platform of influencing many just by sharing the titles to the 50+ books I read that year (see my book list above); every month, I have the chance to share my heart with whoever reads this blog; every week, I have the privilege of sharing God’s Word with the family and visitors of Mobberly, and every day I get to impact a growing number of my Twitter followers.

With all that I’m learning and in all I’m sharing, what influence am I having? Or more poignantly, what legacy am I leaving? If I’m serious about things that matter, then my theology requires sacrifice for the 6,424 people groups who are untouched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ (there are about 12,000 people groups in the world). But no place is more critical than within the walls of my own home. This year, God is honing my attention to this reality. My wife, our boys (6, 3, and 1) are not reading all the books I’m reading; they aren’t listening to every sermon I preach, or always checking out my Tweets. So at the end of the day, in what my family hears me say and watches me do – can they glean a desperation for the filling of God’s Spirit? Can they sense in me a reliance for the power of Christ? Can they share in my hunger for God’s Word? Can they have an even greater readiness to obey? … only if the things that matter, really matter!

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