“The way things used to be…”

It is sensible to think that things of worth are things God loves, and things that don’t have worth are things God doesn’t love. I know we have all grown up believing that a person is valuable even if nobody loves them, but as Paul has shared with us, when something disturbs that relationship (between God and man) then we feel the desire to be loved and respected by other people instead of God; and if we don’t get that love and respect, we feel very sad or angry because we know that our glory or self-worth is at stake. We are designed by God to reflect GLORY…His glory. If there isn’t some glory being shone through us by somebody with authority, we’ll feel dead inside, like a little light will go out and our souls will feel dark, like nothing can grow there.

The most selfless thing a perfect God could do, would be to create other beings to enjoy Him. Jesus even declared that His own glory came from the Father. Even Christ, a perfect being, was valuable because God loved Him. In the same way, God designed us to be loved by Him, so we can know, we can receive, and we can reflect the glory of God. Why things aren’t the way they used to be is surely rooted in sin. 

I often wish to press a button and return to the way it was back in the Garden of Eden. Believers often exude this persona that we are in a single lifeboat trying to get other people to say how important we are and how our accomplishments or even our potential gives credence to our worth, so solidifying our aloneness in this privileged lifeboat. But this feeling of significance actually was silenced at the fall.

Adam and Eve felt an infinite amount of love pouring through their lives and then it was suddenly gone. How terrible the pain must have been, at the fear of no longer feeling God, at the ache of emptiness and the sudden horrifying awareness of self. How awful it must have been for Adam and Eve to have been deceived by Satan, to have been tricked into breaking their relationship with God. You and I almost have it easier in this way. I’m glad I am where I am; I’m so glad to boast in the cross of Jesus alone!

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