When Enough Is Enough

I learned a valuable lesson last weekend when more snow fell on East Texas than in the past 10 years combined. Angie and Trey built a blockade wall for defense of incoming snowballs. I observed their creation; then I competitively urged Trey to help me make it bigger. 

“But Daddy, this is good!” Of course, Jim Collins had taught me that “good is the enemy of great.”  Two hours later, we had half an igloo constructed that towered over 7 feet tall.  When my son’s conservative voice suggested we stop and take pictures of our great edifice, I compelled him to just let us add one final crowning level.  I know igloos don’t have steeples, but at our house it just seemed appropriate.  While collecting snow for this final touch, we heard unnerving sound; we turned and sullenly watched as the leaning walls collapsed – literally in slow motion. Disappointed, frustrated, and exhausted – we just threw up our hands in vexation.  I couldn’t help but note the comparison to what must have been the zeitgeist of workers at the Tower of Babel when their arrogance led to their demise.

Eventually, Trey and I had a good laugh – but no pictures. We decided to rebuild what was good enough – just a wall. This is our result. 


 Lesson: “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

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