The other night I had the occasion to be at home with my three boys while Mommy had the much-deserved opportunity to fellowship with other ladies from our small group. It was all fun and games, as they say, “until someone gets hurt.” Luke (3yrs old) hit his head (an unfortunate yet growing occurrence) that resulted in plenty of tears. Perhaps it was the shock of crying which then caused our 3 month old, Colt, to begin crying. I’m convinced he knew Mommy wasn’t home! Playtime was definitely over. Solving problems as I like to do, meant that I should make this quick occasion immediate bedtime. My urgency and Trey’s patience then clashed. At last, I had the ear-piercing sounds of 3 boys crying simultaneously – that’ s a lot of tears!

Having some time to ponder this reality since that night, has helped me appreciate the physical inevitability of tears. Of the seven Psalms that refer to tears, three are attributed to David. The man who was a true man’s man and who had an absolutely sincere secret life with God was also a man of tears. Clearly, tears are not for women only! The tears in my house that night came from felling hurt, feeling frightened, and feeling frustrated. But was I missing something? David cried, “Do not be silent at my tears” (Psalm 39:12). Could it be that tears are liquid words? Tears can certainly communicate more than our words can. There’s something about tears that is pure and unfeigned. While some can actually fake tears, honestly, when it comes to talking to God, nobody is about to fake tears. The deeper root of tears is not just an emotion, it’s a motive. Tears are a language of desire. One child desired comfort, another desired companionship, and another desired consolation. Why couldn’t I see that? Perhaps it’s been too long that I desired Christ in that same pathos? After all “it’s famine that makes us hungry; it’s drought that makes us thirsty; it’s deprivation that produces desire.” I’m thankful that God can use real-life happenings to mature me. Let me encourage you not to despise the pain that gives you tears. Pour out your heart to God; He is our refuge. Those who “love much” still wash the Lord’s feet with their tears (Luke 7:36-48). And yes, Mommy came home and calm was restored!

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