"Give Them To Me"

I was wonderfully reminded today of some biblical principles I needed to recall. Though it was not much, Jesus told His disciples that the miracle He would do for the 5000 plus gathered spontaneously on the hillside was going to first require their obedience, no matter how insignificant they felt their part was (Matthew 14:18). Jesus uses what you have. One person CAN make a difference. God blesses and multiplies our giving. Nothing is too small to be shared. In fact when we don’t share, we suffer. Don’t all of us suffer when one is disobedient?  If you fail to exercise your spiritual gift in the body of Christ it causes me to suffer.  If I fail to tithe it causes suffering for all the church.  In the life of a believer it brings physical death, loss of reward, victory, peace of mind and discord in the church. 


Whatever you have, if you give it to God, He’ll make a difference to those around you. This is a faith process, a faith experience. Too often we are overwhelmed with the vastness of the need and give up. Or we belittle our resources to the point that we never release them to God, but selfishly hang on to them because that is all we know and all we have. We are inadequate, we know, but we refuse to let go. Or we insist that God perform the task by Himself, without us participating in the process even in a tiny way.


In fact the entire reason God gives us things is so we can use those “things” to show our love for Him and people. But ironically we use Him and people to get things because we love things more than people. Instead of being stingy we are to share. Instead of wanting more, we should be giving more.  


We must release our resources to Him in trust. Their smallness in our eyes must not be an obstacle. He is teaching us a trust journey, and it must be accompanied by our learning to trust Him by doing what He asks, even if we have no idea where He is going with it. If we will learn this vital lesson, then we can graduate to the next level.

  • It is the lesson of Abraham offering Isaac, his only son.
  • It is Gideon seeing his small but inadequate army whittled down to a pitiful 300.
  • It is the lesson that you and I face more often than we would like to admit.
  • It is an essential lesson in the school of discipleship.

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