The Power Of Praying Together

I believe it is impossible to mature into God’s complete picture for who God is conforming us to become without the blessing of doing so with others in the family of God. This could not have been illustrated any more clearly than this past Sunday night. Our church has renovated its traditional Sunday evening service into a Prayer Service. My prayer, in anticipation of this monumental shift, has been that we would be led by the Spirit yet balanced with strategic planning. All the while conveying an authentic approach that is unique to who Mobberly is. Thankfully, all of this was achieved! Seeing people intercede for each other, missionaries, the hurting and unemployed was a moving experience that has resulted in more people talking about those requests than ever end up talking about one of my sermons! (Humbling but thrilling!)


Each week, we anticipate the people of God bowing, kneeling, singing, supporting, interceding, but most of all – approaching God for what only He can do. The specific focus for our church and our prayers will vary each week; the way we pray (in groups, out loud, alone, etc) will vary each week, but the power and presence of God will remain the same! The Power of a Praying Church is unstoppable! Stormie Omartian has said, “Building a people to do God’s work happens in the local church when we are connected to and grow with the rest of the congregation. It is within that context that we find who we are created to be and what we are created to do.”

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