God Is God, And I Am Not

When I heard this song by Steven Curtis Chapman this morning on the radio it reminded me that when God made the universe, His goal was not to make a habitat for man, but rather to make a statement about Himself. Everything God does, He does for His own glory. He approaches every decision with the question, “What will bring the most attention and honor to My name?” And then He does whatever that is.


When God says, “I am the Lord; that is My name! I will not give My glory to another or My praise to idols” (Isaiah 42:8) He is passing the test of being God by declaring that He knows full well who He is. If that approach sounds a little arrogant or self-centered, we have to remember WHO we are referring to. We are not talking about little infinite creatures like us, but about the God of gods who is before all things. If I make myself out to be central, or seek to exalt myself above all things, claiming that I am first or best, in that moment I become an egotist because I am neither of those things. I am not God, and I know it. But when God orchestrates life in such a way as to spotlight His fame, He is being anything but arrogant. He is doing the most loving thing He can do. When He calls us to glorify Him—when He demands our complete and unadulterated worship—He is not being egotistical at all, rather He is simply being God.


When God makes His glory the center of all things and the center of our affections, He gives us Himself—the very best gift He could give us, and the ultimate expression of love.


God is God!

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