Passing It On To The Next Generations

I hear so many parents talk about the difficulty of teaching their own children a particular skill or task – and I’m beginning to understand.  However, as I recall what I learned from my parents (how to sing, play the piano, swing a golf club, or share Jesus) i’m so glad it was from them and not someone else. There are certainly challenges in achieving parenting and teaching – but isn’t teaching a critical essential in parenting? As I watched our “almost 3 year old” jump up on that piano bench next to my mom, a humble yet fantastic concert pianist, I was pleasantly reminded of God’s truth “train up a child the way to go, and when he is old, he won’t depart from it.” Lord willing, we will parent and teach those things that are uniquely our repsonsibility and delight to teach our children.


Luke and Grandmother Stone

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