Great SBC This Year

If you don’t know much about who or why we are Southern Baptist, hopefully this blog will excite you and compel you.  I just returned from the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville with a renewed optimism for our denomination. What many said would be the lowest attended convention in decades due to a mass exodus of young pastors and leaders turned out to be quite the opposite. With overwhelming support, the Great Commission Resurgence          is on its way to becoming the impetus for unifying our age-diverse denomination.  If you haven’t read this document or watched Dr. Danny Akin’s sermons on this site, please do so now! I recently finished reading Jimmy Long’s Leadership Jump and apparently many of our SBC pastors have as well. There seems to be a healthy interchange between young and old leadership. It’s almost as if the baton is graciously being handed to Generation X but even that there is a willingness for Reverse Mentoring (cf. Earl Creps book). Please pray for SBC president Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor FBC Woodstock, and this resurgence which is being studied and led by an 18 member task force under Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Pastor FBC Springdale, Arkansas.

For other great resolutions from the SBC like the one for President Obama and the one on adoption of orphans, see  They will make you proud to be a Southern Baptist.

However, an ostensible downfall this year was the lack of substantial growth of salvations through our 43,000+ local churches as well as the lack of money to place willing and ready missionaries on the field through the International Mission Board. God has planted a vision in my heart that in 2010, Mobberly will be a church that significantly invests and impacts Longview and surrounding areas of East Texas community for Christ. Each year we are seeing good growth, but our entire surrounding “Jerusalem” needs Jesus! And while Mobberly’s own mission offering is consistent and generous (about $100,000 each year), I am more passionate than ever to know that we are giving almost $600,000 through the Cooperative Program this current year. God has given us much, and we are giving it for Him. The Cooperative Program supports our 5,500 missionaries overseas, 5,000 plus in America, as well as our six seminaries training the next generation of Christian leaders, provides representation in Washington, as well as other ministries of our convention. For more terrific info, see

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