There Is No Such Thing As Insignificant Service.

I had the privilege of serving as a teacher in our preschool ministry on Sunday morning, an opportunity not many people knew I was taking. Our youth pastor, Paul Coleman was prepared and so ably stepped up and preached the 9:30 AM service for me to allow me this joy. Hopefully, many of our people will hear and now “see” the priority this ministry, and serving in ministry, is for me and for every Christian. I’ll say, “We have no idea of the significance of small acts of service.”  From preparing all the crafts and Bible lesson materials, to room assignments, to sterilizing toys, to scheduling workers, to sharing the love of Jesus, our ministry to these precious little lives is having an awesome impact for eternity. My prayer is that service becomes a part of our Mobberly culture. Never belittle the little because it’s all important.  Real servants do every task with equal dedication because they know it all matters.  It’s all important. Don’t mistake anonymous with insignificant. Just because it’s not known doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary.  How will God use you this week? I appreciate how Rick Warren states it, “You Were Shaped For Serving God.” God brought you to Mobberly where you could find serving possibilities. The fact is, God wants to use you. He really does!