Great Sunday!

We had a blessed day at Mobberly! With almost 2200 people in worship, we saw the Lord accomplish many things in our midst. The worship was Spirit-led as always! God blessed in the sermon each time, despite me being personally very tired. (“His strength is Perfect”). We rejoiced with 13 new people being added to the Mobberly family and we celebrated with the 3 who were baptized and 10 more who expressed the desire to be baptized soon. In fact, we have seen 30 baptized in May so far! Praise the Lord for the daily growth! In our middle service we were able to honor Ms. Honey who is celebrating her 90th birthday and her 62nd year of teaching children in our preschool ministry. There are literally thousands of lives that she has touched over the years and continues to impact for God’s glory! We also applauded over 200 children and preteens in their weekly Scripture memory accomplishments. Four children from Mobberly advanced to the State level competition of Bible Drills! In our 11:00 AM service we recognized 58 graduating High School seniors and gave them each a Bible. What incredible potential for God’s kingdom as these young people hit the streets with His sword and His Spirit. They do have beautiful feet! Teaching this generation the unsearchable riches of Christ is not only an honor and duty but an incredible joy awaiting us and them as it is lived out in their lives for years to come! What a fantastic youth and children’s staff and hundreds of faithful volunteers who are framing this pivotal generation! What a great blessing to serve with so many great men and women of God!  In addition to all this, our financial giving was again a strong testimony of God’s faithfulness in these challenging times. We continue to exceed our annual budget MAP.


Last night, our children’s music ministry did an outstanding job of sharing the Gospel in “Splash Kingdom.” They will be taking this musical drama to the Splash Kingdom Water Park in Canton on June. I’m praying the Lord will really use their boldness and excellent presentation to spread the joy of knowing Jesus. I’m so thankful for God’s blessings in our worship and children’s ministries.


I can hardly wait for this coming Sunday when we celebrate our patriotic freedoms and spiritual freedoms and share in the Lord’s supper together. With so many people, the logistics of sharing in Communion during the morning worship services is a challenge, but at least once a year, we find a way to make it happen. This Sunday is that day and what a day it’s going to be! See you then!



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