Birthday Blog

I love turning 36! God’s blessings are abundant; my family is ever-growing, and life is so much fun! For some reason, Luke thinks that my birthday is his birthday.  I’m pretty sure its all the fun of presents and cake. Trey’s present to me was, “Dad, we’re going to stay up till midnight and wrestle all night long…just you and me.”  It doesn’t get any better than that! And through the ministries of our church, I received a report that several people had accepted Christ as personal Lord and Savior on April 30.  Certainly, this is the greatest present!

As I think about this coming year, I am thrilled with the direction and vision God is showing me for our church family and looking forward to even more people being added into our Lord’s kingdom. We will be welcoming our newest little boy into the world and into our family, and watching God’s beauty continue to grow even more through the beauty of my incredible bride and best friend, Angie.

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