Baseball Like It Should Be

Something about actually not keeping score, but when four and five year olds play baseball, it reminds me of the purity of the game. I am having as much fun, if not more fun, coaching our son, Trey in his first baseball team experience. “Go Lugnuts!” Somewhere along the line of growing older and salary caps, the purity of the game is lost. Sounds like Christianity, the earlier our surrender to Christ, the less our education and prestige influence our walk with Christ. Everything about our fresh relationship with Christ is exciting: new friends, new perspective, even new love. Giving is fun, witnessing is exhilarating, worship is fulfilling. With Trey’s appreciation for the game of baseball at this level, running into the field is fun, running into the dugout is even more fun. Chanting “Go Lugnuts!” is the zenith. Someone once said that Christianity is a series of new beginnings. I’m so thankful for His new mercies every morning and want desperately to carry the spirit of a Rookie into everything I do for Jesus!

Angie, Luke, Trey and Glynn Stone

Angie, Luke, Trey and Glynn Stone

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