RV'ing For Some Serious Fun

Family time is a regular highlight for me, but RVing is now at the top of my list. With the chance to travel to Hot Springs with my family and our good friends, the Hoods, we met some Georgia friends, the Carters for some days of good R and R. With 4 boys, activities were not sparse. Hiking, adventure walks, grilling out, canoeing, swimming, chopping wood, campfire every night, fishing, baseball, bug collecting, football, putting our feet in 140 degree water at the natural Hot Springs, and even shopping at the KOA…You get the idea. We had a blast! My favorite part had to be sitting around the fire at night (so many sermon illustrations in those flames, sparks, and embers); Angie’s was simply being with her guys (at the fire, on the walks, in the canoe — anywhere together); Trey’s was walking in the stream; Luke’s had to be the constant eating, and boy #3 coming in July, well his was probably the food as well.

In today’s lifestyles, family time is so critical and seemingly so rare. This week reinforced to us, how inexpensive this lifelong investment really is…priceless! A word to the wise: “Make the time for those you love; no one else is responsible to do so — only you.” Trust me, there’s never a “perfect time” to do it. This week I had to deny my presence on any number of wonderful mission trips, an unexpected tragedy of a friend, and an aray of other ministry opportunities. As for ministry, that should occur wherever the Lord takes us: the stranger in line for the showers at the KOA, the family whose RV was parked next to ours, the nice folks at the pool…again, you get the idea (living out Matt 5:16 and Col. 4:5 to the fullest). While I wish I could have done it all, I know that what I did was best.

Angie, Luke, and Trey at waterfall in Lake Catherine State Park, Arkansaas

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