"My Three Sons"

What began for CBS as a simple premise in 1960 (a comedy about a Scots/Irish American family chronicling the life of an aeronautical engineer and widower, Steve Douglas and his three sons) became the second longest running, live-action family sitcom with 380 episodes with the last show airing in 1972. Interestingly enough, the next year, Angie and I were both born into this world. So our comprehension of this era was inherited through re-runs only.


Nonetheless, Angie and I now have learned that in July, we will have our own version of “My Three Sons.”  We hear that there will be non-stop action in a home with 3 little boys (of course, we kind of already understand that part. I don’t know if we could understand the complexities of 3 little girls!).  Either way, children are a blessing from the Lord and we are blessed! Angie is going to have her hands full with all 4 of us guys and I’m going to have to get in shape to be able to wrestle with 3 little fellas every night!




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