Valentine's Day Is Sweeter With Mommy's 3 Guys

I always enjoyed the creative ways to show my love for Angie around Valentine’s day, but I am discovering it is three times the fun with two sons in the mix too! When headed to the store to get some flowers, Trey says, “Hey Dad get Mom some sunflowers so we can eat the seeds.”  Luke says, “Get chocolates so we eat it.”  Well, I had a hard time with the sunflower request but another beautiful arrangement from my friends at Longview Flower Shop did the just fine. As for the chocolate, we made Angie play a scavenger hunt for 26 individual pieces of chocolate hidden all over the house after each letter of the alphabet (attic, bikes, car, dresser, etc…). Hey, it was fun, creative, tasty (because Mommy shares) and even educational! Can’t wait till our anniversary!


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