Atrophy – Use It Or Lose It

According to atrophy is, “degeneration, decline, or decrease from disuse.” (Is there ever a sermon in that statement!). My recent snow skiing experience was phenomenal to say the least (not my ability, but my enjoyment). However, the price of happiness cost dearly, and in my case it cost my muscles serious strain. I admit, I don’t like the aging thing, but I have discovered that what little muscles I do have (and the ones I forgot I had till they began to hurt) are coming off the bench and being put back into action. No, I’m not moving to Colorado (though it is beautiful); but I am going to work on my aerobic exercise and just increase my general physical activities. From all my friends over 40, I have heard that “now is the time.” Now, Lord willing, I will be even more sensitive to any of my spiritual muscles that have the dispensation of non-activity so as to not hurt when put into practice and certainly never to atrophy.

Glynn on slopes

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