Intriguing Question…

I was recently asked a pensive question, “Which concerns you more, the decline of America or the deception in the local church?”  Quickly, my reply focused on the church since that is the catalyst for the solution. (Let’s face it 2 Chronicles 7:14 is addressed to the Saints not the Senate.  Revival will never come through Congress). Since blogs are a venue to learn more about a person (in this case it is me, Glynn Stone) and one of the greatest ways to infer who the person is becoming is to observe who that person’s follows, the next couple blogs will have a reflective list of some of the people who influence my perspectives and philosophies.


In the past few weeks, many of my close pastor friends have each been dialoguing with each other about a call to holiness in the church.  As pastors, we share the need in our own lives and the call of God to personal and public piety. So a personal thanks to my good friends and fellow pastors Scott Maze, Keith Kelley, James Heffington, and Shawn Powers.


As to the deception in the church question, check out Mohler, Sproul, and Ravi Z. on today’s liberals. I’ve never grasped it so clearly but as Dr. Al Mohler says, “Today’s liberals were evangelicals yesterday.”  We certainly must return to biblical exposition, Christ-like living, and Holy Spirit anointing, then and only then can we be culturally impacting. By the way, while I do sift some very helpful thoughts from Rick Warren, Ed Young and Erwin McManus, generally speaking, I’m not a fan of “seeker-sensitive.” I have always looked to Mathew 6:33 as the definition of a true “seeker” so my favorite dialogue on this subject is also seen in this forum. (check out Mohler and Sproul on this subject ) .


As to church polity and the reformation of church membership, I look to Dr. Mark Dever, SBC pastor in D.C.. Finally, in case you think my diet is only academic Calvinists, please know that one of my favorite applicators of God’s Word is my friend, Dr. Ed Stetzer, research director for Lifeway, and his balanced perspective in church planting and missional living.  More influencers in my life to be mentioned in later blogs.

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