I Love Snow!

Growing up in South Florida, I have always been intrigued by snow. This weekend, the Lord has blessed me with the chance to enjoy some wonderful skiing in beautiful Colorado and sweet fellowship with some men from our church.  I was able to talk to one person on the ski lift today about how God created all this beauty around us. Though he believes in evolution he was still interested but not ready to believe.  Also while picking up some cool toys for the boys, (the first question the boys will aks me is, “What did you bring me?” and my wife’s first question will be, “Did you get hurt?”) I was able to converse with a clerk who grew up in parochial schools and she said, “I had it hammered so much into me that I have hammered it all out by now.”  The Lord allowed me the opportunity to share with her the authenticity of our Savior’s real love – not parochial but personal. There are opportunities everywhere, though there’s not snow everywhere.


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