A First For America

With most of the world watching the creation of history on Inauguration Day, personally, my gaze is set on the Present Future.  As with every President, the first 100 days will show the level of substance to his campaign promises.  While my personal support is not up for discussion, my prayers and respect for President Obama are for certain.


It’s interesting how many people ask my opinion on politics, ethical dilemas, social developments, and current affairs. While the Bible is always my first authority, I find it helpful to hear biblically sound advice from select experts. One source I often turn to is Dr. Richard Land.  As a tither in a Southern Baptist Church, I’m so glad to know that my Cooperative Program dollars support ministries like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission www.erlc.com.  There is a wealth of sound wisdom on American issues and their impact on our families and our faith.  


By the way, a word of commendation to our outgoing President Bush. While it was estimated that the objects taken by the Clinton’s on their last day in the White House totalled over $200,000, the Bushes took only their personal items and one piece of furniture which they had taken into the White House.

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