Israel Trip Update

glynn-preachingAs we continue our trip in the Holy Land, our Lord’s post resurrection appearance to the disciples at Tagbha was a blessing to recall for each of us.  On a cold breezy day, we gathered around the very rock that Jesus prepared the fish for the disciples from the abundant catch following His command to cast on the other side of the boat. Recognizing the drama played out in the life of Peter over the past few days was personally very eye-opening.  John 21 teaches us that we serve a God who still forgives!  How wonderful to see that Peter went from interrupting Jesus’ teaching to show his dedication to the Son of God only to glynn-baptizesdeny Christ three times, fulfilling Jesus’ own prediction, then yet again to be 100% “on fire” for Him.  Sounds just like so many of us.  Not only did Jesus forgive him when Peter confessed his fickle and sinful behavior, but then He used it in such a mighty way for His kingdom. Praise the Lord for His forgiveness. 1 John 1:9, Romans 8:28, and Philippians 2:13

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi


Although the Dead Sea swim was a treat, my most anticipated stop of the day was Ein Gedi.It was here that Jehosaphat’s enemies gathered to attack him and Israel. This gathering of the enemies revealed the recently renewed Jehosaphat’s quick call for a national fast and prayer. Praise  the Lord for His assuring word of victory (2 Chronicles 20:17). More memorable to most, however, is the episode of David hiding in a cave from Saul only to have Saul find rest in the same cave. Instead of killing him there as his men prodded him to do, David showed brilliance and patience in simply cutting a piece of Saul’s robe off. glynn-on-boatAs David modeled godly patience, we each were humbled to understand our own responsibility of waiting between that time of anointing and appointing. Just because he knew God had already anointed him to be the next king did not mean he had the right to rush God’s timing. Caught between God’s anointing and God’s appointing is the crevice in which so many of us stumble. It was not David’s time of appointment…yet. I’m thankful for the promise of Philippians 1:6 in a fresh way today.


Pastor Glynn

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