Holy Land Trip

What the nightly news is not telling you – “All 46 of us are fine.” First of all, God is greater than he that is in the world. Second, our group’s itinerary is not taking us to any place of serious threat. Our guide and bus driver do stay in constant communication with the home office and current news updates so as to help stay on top of the latest developments. In fact, the reason we even know there is fighing at the Gaza strip is becasue we, like you, turn on the TV at night in our hotel rooms and discover that Israel is the focus of every major news station (of course, isn’t that the way it has always been). That is the only time we even get a little anxious ourselves. Thanks for your prayers. Our God is sufficient.


Speaking of a lack of faith, the group and I were reminded while on a boat on the Sea of Galilee earlier this morning, that even though Jesus was with them on the boat in the midst of the storm, the disciples were still very much afraid. As believers, we have circumstances come into our lives, some brought on by us and others totally out of our control, which challenge our confidence and trust in God.  And even though the storm was raging, it didn’t stop Jesus from sleeping.  What a tremendous example of complete trust in our mighty Father God!  But perhaps the most personal application for us is that even though they had very little faith, Jesus still saved them and rescued them from danger! It has never been about the quantity of our faith. It has always been and must continue to be about the quality of our faith. The object is God not us. Only He is sufficient!


We are all experiencing great spiritual rejuvenation and looking forward to reporting other life-impacting updates soon!

Pastor Glynn

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