“And Jesus Grew…”

Isn’t it interesting the times that growth is observed?  It’s one thing when the boys try to show us how strong they are or how smart they are, but it’s an entirely different blessing for us as parents to make such observations on our own.  Angie and I remark at the most unusual times that our boys are growing: when we lift one out of the tub and note that he is getting heavy; when the other one’s feet keeps hitting my seat while I’m driving and we note that he’s getting tall; when they make keen observations about life, and we note that they are “sponges” soaking up ALL of life around them; or when they recall obscure Bible characters or tidbits that we’ve only mentioned once and we note how the brain is indeed growing!  As I reflect on the growth of Jesus from baby boy to mature man, I think these stages are what Mary must have “treasured in her heart.”  The challenge for me today is “Can my growth in Christ be just as ostensible?”

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