The Joy Of Christmas

It always intrigues me why people every year will say to me how much they dread Christmas. Perhaps it is from knowing they will not have a certain loved one by their side this year, or perhaps it is in knowing how busy they will be, or maybe they realize how much money they spend, or may be their own family causes enough stress to go around. Either way, do you think that those wise men who journeyed hundreds of miles across the desert to seek out the infant Jesus ever feel that way? After all, it took months to make that difficult trip, and they had spent a lot of money to provide those gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. I seriously doubt it. In fact Mathew 2:10 says the wise men from the East had “exceedingly great joy.” What made the difference for them?  Their focus was totally on Jesus.

Don’t let this Christmas season overwhelm you. Don’t feel you have to do everything, go into debt to impress people – but rather, focus on Jesus. Take time to read the old Testament prophecies about our wonderful Savior and watch the wonderful story of His birth cause you to rejoice with exceeding great joy this year too.

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