The Body Of Christ (Part 2)

Assumption #2: All Christians are committed to the mission of the church. 

Unfortunately if you ask the average church member in America today what is the purpose or mission of the church, the answer most likely comes as “fellowship.”  But human interaction and deepening relationships is not the primary mission of the church.  We are not a snooty religious country club where people just alike can get together and enjoy one another’s company.  But rather, there is a dual calling of the church.  One is vertical the other is horizontal.  The calling of Christ for all of us is to go vertical; to worship Him, to know God, and to experience His presence.  It is the call of the church to experience this vertical relationship with Him.  Then it is the call of the church to go horizontal.  Consequently, when we come out of the world and meet God, it then becomes our call to go out into the world and make Him known.  To know Him and make Him known.  Jesus said that was His mission and it is our mission.


In John 20:21 He said, “As the father sent me into the world so do I send you.”  How did God send His Son into the world?  It was on a mission of incarnation.  Jesus left the glories of heaven and became incarnate, and in the flesh He walked upon the earth.  He lived and He died, pouring out His life’s blood upon the cross.  He entered our world and experienced our pain even the death on the cross.  It was an incarnational mission.  God became one of us.  God touched us.  So if the mission of Jesus was an incarnational mission, as the father sent me into the world, so I also send you, ours is also an incarnational mission.  Leaving the comfort zone of our own world, our own life, our own church and going into the world, going into our culture, helping and touching hearting people, and giving the hope that is in Christ, to touch people with the message and the mission of Christ.  All of that without compromising the message or our character, or our convictions.  So the second assumption that  I am making about all Christians is that we are committed to the mission of the church and that we understand that the call of God upon our lives is to connect with the church, and commit to the church and its mission.

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