The Body Of Christ (Part 1)

The church is God’s body.  As the body of Christ, we are to function on earth even as Christ lived; we are to live in Him and serve even as Christ serves.  Too many people see the church as an entertainment center.  We come to church and we watch what happens on the platform.  The church is not for entertainment.  Now there is a sense that we are to enjoy church.  I hope when people come to Mobberly they absolutely enjoy the experience of worship, that they enjoy the experience of fellowship, and that they enjoy the teaching of God’s Word.  So enjoyment is a part of our experience in Christ.  But the church is not reduced to simply entertainment.  As one preacher said, “the church is not a show boat it is a fishing boat.”  I’d like to think it is actually a love boat.  For our love for God and love for one another.  Then our love for the world ought to call us to commitment.  When you get a clear picture of what the church is to be about it will captivate your heart, you will want to invest your time your treasure, your very life in the ministry of the church.   Because what we do for Christ in the ministry of the church lasts forever.  It is in this that we find our greatest significance and success in life.


I tend to make three generalizations about Christians, knowing they are not true of every person who calls themselves a Christian or attends church.  Nonetheless, I want to make these three assumptions.  Assumption #1: All  Christians are committed to the church.  Christian people are church people.  It is ludicrous for anyone to talk about an unchurched Christian because every Christian ought to be churched in the body of Christ.  We are committed to Christ and we are committed to the body of Christ.  The church is not an accident or an afterthought but a central focus in the plan of God for all ages.  The church is God’s new community of faith and fellowship.  God does not intend to save isolated individuals but to call out a people unto Himself that will honor Him, glorify Him, and serve Him for His own glory.  

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