Easter vs Elections

Why is it that some Christians seem to get more worked up over national elections than the event that changed the world for all time?  For me, the severity of what is at stake with this year’s election is so huge that it has taken more of my focus than I am pleased to announce. While I trust that God is in control, I’m acting as if He’s not.  For someone as impatient as myself, the hours, between now and when I finally here the anchors on Fox News (is there any other?) announce the winner, seem like days. I’m so glad, however, that the Lord reminded me this morning of how much He cares about this country and this world.  As much as I love the slogan of “country first”, as a believer who is well aware of the unchurched living around me, I’d better go with a mantra more in line with what’s on the heart of my Lord, “that no one should perish.”  What will election day be for those around us? Will it become a day of winning or losing? I believe God wants it to become their day of salvation after all, “there is salvation in none other than Jesus.”  Instead of a President-elect winning a political race, let’s let the Holy Spirit win someone to Jesus through us today!

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