Instability And Intimacy

It should not surprise us that the slippery slope of our economic downturn has us scratching our heads, it seems to have also increased our communication with God. We serve a sovereign God.  He is not almost sovereign or pretty sovereign, He IS sovereign.  All things that exist are by Him and for Him. It is His Kingdom that matters not ours.  “But Glynn, I am losing my retirement!” or “But Pastor, this is the worse time ever to try to raise money!” How quickly we forget that God responds to our weakness not our strength.
As I prepare through Joshua 6 this week, God revealed in a new and creative way to me that if God can split the Red Sea and bifurcate the Jordan, then what did the children of Israel have to fear of the walled-in Jericho? The same God who controls water, wind, and weather, made the very rock which held the walls of mighty Jericho together. And what about us, today? If God owns it all (cattle, commodities, and cash) then the market, the materials for our next building, and the mission of our lives and our church are also owned by Him and exist for Him!  Should we worry?  No.  Should we be driven to greater intimacy with God?  Yes.

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