A Blessing Unplanned

God’s capacity to plan and orchestrate truly confounds me (I know, that sounds almost Pauline). Anyway, my point is, His providence and fulfillment of Romans 8:28 continue to surprise me “beyond all that I could ask or imagine.” For the last few months here at Mobberly most of our planning, preparing, and praying has been for the launch of our next capital campaign to build a much needed 80,000 sq ft. children and adult education building called, “The Bridge.”  The key leadership and staff have been running rampant with the metaphors and applications of this catchy word.  The obvious one being, Jesus: our Bridge to God.  Also, we relate to our church becoming a bridge to our mission field to reach people all around us.  How wonderfully ironic that with the arrival of Ike’s unplanned evacuees, our church has had the joy of hosting about 150 evacuees from the Texas coast. As our people have loved on, cared for, and ministered to them, we had the privilege of leading six of them to saving faith in Christ Jesus.  And while many churches had to cancel services on Sunday, due to not having power, we had the tremendous blessing of baptizing these six people.  It was tremendous worship service for us!  As one member said, “This is the best start to any campaign we have ever had.  We actually had the opportunity to be a bridge before we even talked about it.”   By the way, plans for the official launch of The Bridge are now set for September 21, barring the arrival of any of Ike’s siblings.

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